satisfy your delicate sense of perception.

poems, text, and mind-boggling ideas that have wormed their way from the rift in reality that is me, to the plane of perception that you see.

i randomly follow people because I think their stuff is cool.

I dun’ goofed.

Thinking about blogging again.

Can’t decide on whether or not I want a blog that is public but nobody reads, or public and everyone reads.

//thoughtstomyself =P

i fell in love with a girl just in time for her to move away

just trying to figure out if i want your attention or your affection

How frusterating

Just for once

I’d like to know how to communicate

How to get the message across without walking away feeling like a cheat

Like a liar or a confusing fool, or more simply

The socially awkward person that I am

Being sophisticated, wouldn’t that be nice? 

I’m really tired of being outmaneuvered on the playing field. 

been there, done that

Spent a short four months

To learn you’re leaving in three

The whole time I never revealed any part of the true me

I let down my guards, my armor around my heart

Figured why not? This last time, I’ll give it a shot

I put a bit too much hope

A bit too much optimistic thoughts

But they were met by a wall,

Of cold logic and reason.

We’re better off friends

And such good friends we are.

I was so desperately close and clinging to past dark fears

Praying they wouldn’t rear their fearsome heads

But they came back in a roaring storm

Ripping apart what was patched together

Left me feeling a bit torn

I crawled back into my shell

Walked back down a dusty, well trodden trail

Grabbed the fake smiles and the extra-strong glue

And so begins the cycle

Of pretending I don’t like you

"lets just be friends"

She opened her mouth and began to speak

But I held up my hand and said

"No, no" in a tone rather bleak

I already know what you’re going to say

I’ll just pack my bags and be on my way

everybody lies

its always the same, and I hate it

within me resides a monster, a beast

I dare not unleash it

for on my emotions, it feasts.

I put on a mask, I act out a show

The show is my life,

I am the main actor, and his supporting role.

People never see the dark side

Not that i haven’t tried to show them.

I have nothing to hide, few things to fear.

But no matter how close the friend, 

After seeing it once, they refuse to go near


Im not violent or cruel, an asshole or anything we would normally associate with 


I them the damaged shadow, the cracked mind


Taped heart, broken in a few places

Its just not normal to open up to someone, but its exactly what I want to do.

But I never get the chance.

As I remove the key from my inside hip pocket, 

And unlock the doors

A light filters out and I can only watch in horror 

As another person shuns me away.

This plague, this disease, it riddles my thoughts and emotions. 

It defiles my motivation and curses my concentration

And the cure?

I just want to be held. To experience safety, security, and trust in somebody.

To have faith that no matter what happens, someone will swear to me it’ll be 


everybody lies.

i remember a time when ‘annoying’ was insulting. now its just common. why? did the world just get annoying, in less than a decade? or did the past few generations get in the habit of getting pissed off and critical?

my devil danced with his demon and the fiddler hasn’t even begun to finish his tune

lost =]

I am forever a wanderer of souls
lost with no direction to go to
thus I am one

~ i told a friend i wrote it and she didnt believe me. 

ive dreamed a thousand dreams in vain to change reality.

you told me no. months went by and i still regret not acting sooner.

how you doing? =]

in a few words? bitter-sweet relationships